About RCE

Who we are:

At RC Electronics we know what it feels like to be on the seemingly endless job hunt.  Even landing project jobs one after another, only to successfully completing the contract and get rewarded with yet another job hunt.  After years of collecting awards and still searching for stability in full time employment, one day our founder, Robert White, decided to pool all the info and share it with others.  Because even still searching for full-time employment he knew that all of his minor successes could help others achieve those same successes if not greater ones.  This knowledge we share in hopes of helping pave the roads for a smoother path to a successful career.

Our Resumes:

All of our featured resumes are fully customizable from the minute you download and open the file.  Once you’ve downloaded and opened the template file you’ll be able to change the color, font, whatever you want.  Essentially we just put a part of the puzzle together and waiting for you to perfect it by substituting your job history and contact information.  Fully customizing the template to create your own personal resume.  Here’s a word from our founder:

“Once upon a time I felt like my resume was too plain so I went in search of  some nice unique templates to redesign mine.  Unfortunately a large number templates I liked cost $90+ and also only for Windows and Microsoft Word users.  As you can see from the sample resume photos I am an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician so naturally I am an Apple user.  That being said I decided to make one myself from scratch using Apple Pages.  And then I did it again, and again, and again.

Each one of these sample photos featured on this site are an actual copy of my actual resume, with different contact info of course.  After having a number of my friends asking me to redesign their resumes to one of the designs I made I decided to offer the design files for sale.  So the people who want to redesign their own resume or do not have one at all can make one without breaking the bank.”

– Robert White

We love to help our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to inform us of where we could improve to help others improve.

Trick:  Matching someones speech pattern is an NLP technique for building rapport.